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By | March 27, 2013

All BBB and non-BBB accredited offer bad credit personal loans for people with bad credit history. However, there are a lot of online and off-line advertisements stating that loan companies offering loans with no credit check. Is that true that these loan companies stick to their promise that they offer guaranteed no-credit check personal loans to their clients?

As a matter a fact, non-traditional lenders would not perform credit check on the loan applicant when the applicant has creditworthy guarantor to back his loan application. In this case, the lender will check on the guarantor’s credit record to see whether the guarantor meets the loan requirements. If the guarantor fulfills the criteria, then the lender will approve the loan to the borrower although the borrower has a bad credit history. Such loans are known as co-signer loans and the guarantor has the huge responsible to make sure that the borrower has to repay the loan as agreed.

Here’s how you can find legitimate no-credit check personal loans online – follow these tips below:

1.       Search for legitimate loan companies via Better Business Bureau (BBB) directory – Normally, a reputable non-bank lenders which have received high BBB ratings (grade A or above), offer legitimate no-credit check personal loan application on the Internet. Mainly, these companies provide online forms for their clients so that they can fill-in personal particulars including social security number, residential address and many more.

2.       Some reputable off-line loan companies can be found via Google Maps – By using the Google Maps, you can actually locate both BBB and non-BBB accredited loan companies in your area. Some local companies do not have a website because they prefer applicants to visit their office for a one-on-one consultation service.  Furthermore, you can view their ratings, feedback, location as well as related companies from the Google Maps results page.

3.       Internet resources like blogs, social networking sites, and forums are the best place to find constructive feedbacks – It is easy to get free information on the Internet, but it is extremely hard to find constructive and genuine feedbacks. Thus, you need to spend some of your quality time to filter those “irrelevant” feedbacks and gather those relevant ones to find the right no-credit check loan company. If you’re a forum user, start posting a thread that you are in dire need of a good loan company. You would be getting some names of different loan companies, and check out their business based on the methods as mention earlier.

Be sure that you are getting a legitimate no-credit check personal loan from reputable loan companies which provide affordable repayments and lowest APR.

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