Get a Loan With Bad Credit History & Kick Butt

By | November 1, 2013

Is it possible to get a loan with bad credit?  It’s a lesson in life we learn the hard way—if you make mistakes with money and destroy your credit, you don’t get a second chance.

Even the credit bureaus state that the only way to go about improving your credit profile (and your chances of buying any major purchase again) is to pay off all of your creditors.

The option of debt consolidation is always there and these companies can help you to consolidate your bills into one convenient payment.  What happens though when the debt relief company wants its money?

How does one get a loan with bad credit?

First of all understand that many people are currently living in the same situation as you.  Because of the way the economy is going, banks and other traditional lenders are starting to consider applications that have questionable credit score.

For many companies, the question is not “Does this person have bad credit?” but “Why does this person have bad credit?”

Some companies are willing to look past medical bills and old credit card or merchant debt, provided that new accounts are current.  Even if you cannot get a loan with bad credit from a traditional lender you still have the option of working with subprime lenders.

Not all subprime lenders are predatory lenders or scam operations.

In fact, most of them are perfectly legal and provide the services they promise.  The negative stigma of subprime companies comes from the fact that they charge above average interest rates, unlike most banks do.

However, when your goal is to get a loan with bad credit higher interest is usually a price that you are willing to pay.  After all, if you are struggling with debt and want to get a loan to start a debt relief program, then no traditional lender is going to help you if you have bad credit.

Their advice will be to fix your credit and then apply for a loan… that’s much easier said than done!

How can a private lender afford to provide you a loan if you are not “creditworthy” by the industry’s highest standards?  Because these companies need to stay in business and they get paid through interest.

That means that they are looking for honest people who are “down on their luck” but still trustworthy.  Most of these lending companies are looking for regular employment and a long residential history, since these are positive credit items to consider.

After all, when you get a loan with bad credit then you are most likely paying for a necessity, not a distraction.  You may need the money for a business or for a medical expense.  A person who regularly pays rent or a mortgage obviously has an honest work ethic and will probably pay off a reasonable loan.

That person may still have a blemish on his or her credit, however.

What if the person went through a divorce?  What if there was a dispute over an item and the consumer felt the debt was not fair? You can get a loan with bad credit if you are willing to search for a lender online.

There are numerous companies in your area that can help you get a loan for refinancing, business or other miscellaneous needs.  Everybody deserves a second chance, especially in credit.  You can get a loan for your urgent needs and get one right now!

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