How to Look For Bad Credit Personal Loans with Low Interest Rates and Affordable Monthly Repayments

By | September 8, 2014
Forget about getting personal loans with low interest rates from traditional banks when you’re suffering from low credit score – i.e. less than 585 FICO score. You need to be realistic by finding other alternatives by scouting for non-traditional lenders through various sources including online or off-line business directories, online forums, blogs and any personal finance-related online portals.

Most of the times, information about bad credit personal loans with low interest rates are limited and it is often misleading internet readers. In that case, many people have been getting worst deals ever and they have to pay more in interest. Therefore, they experience difficulties of repaying their loans as agreed.

Firstly, you need to use Better Business Bureau (BBB) to look for lenders with high ratings. However, it is enough to determine whether these lenders are really providing bad credit personal loans with low interest rates and reasonable monthly repayments.

Here’s how you look for the right personal loans with low interest rates:

  1. Firstly, if you’re a member of a credit union, get their contact details from their website and start contacting for the loan availability
  2. If you’re not eligible to get a loan from a credit union or you’re not a member of a credit union – then, perform a search on “personal loans” from your local BBB directory
  3. Once you get a list of highly BBB rated lenders, start contacting them for more details and the availability of the personal loans with low interest rates – both SECURED and UNSECURED ones
  4. Then, take a short moment to reorganize information that you obtain from various lenders
  5. Now, pay attention to these terms and get the figures calculated correctly – total LOAN AMOUNT (or LOAN COST), LOAN TERMS, INTEREST RATE/ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR), TOTAL MONTHLY REPAYMENTS
  6. Use the personal loan calculator to recalculate the approximate total monthly repayments – this way you can find out whether you’re overcharged by the lender
  7. Clarify the loan details with the lender again and request for an OVERALL LOAN AMOUNT (or LOAN COST) including additional charges incurred
  8. Once you’ve found your ideal loan package, read the loan terms and conditions before you sign up

Here’s a few reminder that you should take note:

  1. Never ever trust a lender who can grant loans over the phone – such loan lending practice is against the law
  2. Never apply a loan that you cannot afford – opt for personal loans with low interest rates with lower loan amount
  3. Consider the risks involved as you have the full responsibility to repay loan accordingly
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