Is there Consolation in Bill Consolidation?

By | March 6, 2013

Bill consolidation is a phrase that’s been going around in the market. A lot of people are advised about it but not a lot of people understand it. What exactly is Bill Consolidation? It is a process by which all outstanding debts and loans of a person are transferred into a single bill consolidation loan. Theoretically, the single bill consolidation loan transforms all the interest incurred from the individual loans or debts into a single monthly payment that is more manageable to monitor and pay. This is meant to decrease one’s interest rates and aids a person for easier and speedier payment of loans.

Generally, there are bill consolidation companies that can help a person figure out which kind of consolidation plan best suits a person’s financial situation. These companies are also called debt management companies. The goal of these kinds of companies is to get rid of a person’s short-term debt in a period of five years. The employees in this company are skilled in negotiating with creditors and limit interest rates. In a number of situations, your creditors may consent in waiving other fees that have been incurred by a debtor like repayment fees and late charges.

Through these companies, a person is given aid via the management of loan payments and lowering of the interest rates. The best thing to do when one is looking for the best bill consolidation company for himself is to take into consideration the rates and conditions and stipulation in their agreement that each company offers.

How does this work exactly? As a general rule, the debtor in hiring a bill consolidation company will have to pay a monthly payment that is inclusive of the company’s fees. The company will take care of your debts or accounts that have been consolidated through them. A few debts are difficult to consolidate, examples of which are mortgage payments and student loans. Monthly payment is the general rule but there are exceptions. Moreover, a few creditors may opt to inform main credit reporting agencies of your hiring a bill consolidation company. Its repercussion is that it may temporarily bar you from opening new accounts. You can obtain a new account for credit cards a few months after paying regularly.

In the end, it can be said that there is consolation in consolidation because if one follows the plan religiously, his or her short-term debts that have accumulated will be paid in no time.

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