Poor Credit Unsecured Loans – Getting an Unsecured Loan Even If You Have Poor Credit Record

By | July 31, 2013

When you could not put up collateral for your personal loan application, normally both traditional and non-traditional lenders would turn down your loan application regardless how many times you apply. Feeling dejected after meeting with several lending professionals from different loan companies and you still could not borrow money from them due to the same reason. It is extremely stressful when you are lack of funds to settle household expenses.

However, if you really put in more effort in looking for a financial solution, some loan companies (mostly non-traditional lenders) offer poor credit unsecured loans. It is a sigh of relief to obtain such poor credit unsecured loans which you do not to put up collateral for your loan application.

At this point unsecured credit unsecured loans can also be applied on the Internet. Moreover, it is easier for loan applicants to obtain loans from loan companies which are located within your area – distantly from your area. But before you start applying for poor credit unsecured loans – here are few things that you should take note:

1.       Poor credit unsecured loans normally have high annual percentage rate (APR) than other loans – Since loan lenders have to bear the risk of having applicants who have poor credit history, these applicants have high chances of not repaying their loans as agreed. Therefore, lenders impose a high APR for those who sign up for poor credit unsecured loans.

2.       Loan companies will normally grant small loan amount for poor credit unsecured loan borrowers – As mentioned earlier, loan companies will prevent any unnecessary losses by granting small loan amount (for instance, less than $10,000) to borrowers who could not put up collateral for their loan application. If you seriously in need of large loan amount, you need to find an unsecured co-signer loan to back your loan application with larger loan amount – i.e. $10,000 and above.

3.       Different loan companies offer poor credit unsecured loans with different repayment plans – You need to spend some of your quality time to look for the best poor credit unsecured loans with affordable rates particularly low APR and affordable monthly repayments. However, aware of those companies that offer such loan products without checking your credit record. Normally, accredited lenders will perform credit check on their clients – even on their existing and loyal clients.

4.       Loan companies MUST receive high BBB ratings – Do not waste your time looking for good loan deals from companies which received poor BBB ratings as they fail to deliver good lending service to their clients. Focus on highly rated ones and start calling them for their free consultation service.

Hope that you have taken some important tips above and start taking actions to find an affordable bad credit unsecured personal loan online.

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