The Easy to Obtain HDFC Personal Loans that Come at Low Interest Rates

By | November 17, 2013

HDFC is an Indian financial institution that offers a plethora of financial services. It is a large bank with 1986 branches and assets worth of Rs1006.82 billion. As it is such a stable bank, you could choose them to obtain your loans. You have the option to obtain HDFC personal loans for any personal matter such as paying for your daughter’s wedding, your son’s education or even to spend for your dream vacation.

Benefits offered by HDFC bank when you obtain your loan there

  • You have the option to draw a maximum of Rs1, 500,000 depending on your requirement and your ability to pay back.
  • Your repayment period is highly flexible with the ability to choose between 12 and 60 months. You have the option to pay back in easy monthly installments.
  • HDFC personal loans come to you at the lowest rates and obtaining your loan is hassle free. There is no need for guarantors, collateral or security.
  • You have the convenience to get your service at your door step and the approval will come very quickly.

If you are an existing customer of HDFC bank, you will get special privileges also. In case you are an account holder of the bank whose salary is credited to your account, you are eligible for special offers. In case you have taken an auto loan or a housing loan of which 6 installments have been paid, the bank will not ask you to produce statement of income when you ask for HDFC personal loans. If you have obtained a personal loan from HDFC bank and settled 9 installments, you have the option to get your loan topped up once again.

Special offers

The bank offers credit shields to its customers who obtain personal loans. This will help customers and their nominees to manage with payment in case of death or permanent disability of the customer. The bank will offer to bear the loss in such a case if the customer has obtained a credit shield. Therefore, it is a good option to protect both the customer who has taken the loan and the person nominated by him.

There is the possibility for you to get a personal accident cover also by paying a nominal sum. This ensures that despite the one who obtained the loan getting disabled due to the accident the loan amount could be paid by the compensation paid. It is a good idea to get this insurance when you get HDFC personal loans.

In addition to personal loans HDFC provides a plethora of other loans such as loans to buy cars and housing loans. When it comes to the eligibility criteria for these loans anyone who gets a regular monthly income could apply. Other eligibilities include that the applicant should be over 21 years and should not exceed the age of 6o years. If he is employed he has to be able to provide proof for having been in employment for not less than 2 years of which at least one year has to be in the current position.

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